Romantically Inside Out: “Riley’s First Date” #alltheemotions

Riley has a boyfriend! Riley has a boyfriend! Wait ... what? Does she? (image courtesy Disney)
Riley has a boyfriend! Riley has a boyfriend! Wait … what? Does she? (image courtesy Disney)


The story picks up one year after the events of “Inside Out,” when a boy comes to Riley’s house to see her. That doesn’t sit well with her parents, who simply can’t figure out if their 12-year-old daughter is going on her first date. Her dad’s emotions quickly go into red alert, while mom tried to play it cool. Of course, mom throwing around words like “dealio” and “fo sheezy” just leave Riley confused and annoyed. (synopsis via & (c) Zap2it)

Talking about getting inside our heads!

Pixar’s latest animated masterpiece Inside Out is hands down one of the best, most deeply moving films to have examined what it’s like to be, well, US.

You know, people – with all our crazy thoughts, feelings, ideas, joys, fears, and a thousand other emotions inbetween.

And now, thanks to the film’s impending release on digital platforms and Blu-Ray, we get to experience a little bit more of what it’s like to be inside the heads and hearts of 12 year old Riley and her parents when a boy comes a-visiting in a new short film Riley’s First Date, which is one of the bonus features.

It’s every bit as amusing and insightful as you’d expect it to be – well as much as a 52 second grab can indicate but hey my inner Optimist is pretty excited regardless! – and bound to be the most eagerly-consumed part of the release (apart from the film itself of course which deserves multiple viewings for the rest of your life).

Trust me, if you’re not laughing at the “Boy! Boy! Boy!” klaxon ringing in Riley’s dad’s head or the mum’s attempts to be cool and hip with her hurtling towards teenager-dom daughter, then you really need to check if your emotions aren’t asleep at their console.

Inside Out will be released on Blu-Ray and digital platforms on 13 October in US and Australia shortly thereafter.



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