Script to screen: Bringing Wall-E to memorable life

    (image courtesy IMP Awards)


Pixar have long been the masters of creating meaningful, evocative storytelling that touches the soul with sometimes the simplest of gestures or words.

One of their greatest achievements is WALL-E, the story of a lone refuse clean up robot left behind on a disastrously polluted Earth who remains dedicated to his programmed task long after it’s become obvious (to anyone but him) that humanity, far away in the cosmos, is not coming home.

From WALL-E ‘s sweet, earnest persona through a nuanced, emotionally-resonant storyline, the film is a masterpiece, made all the more impressive by the fact that it uses minimal dialogue to tell its story.

Disney-Pixar Script to Screen series, which includes looks at scenes from UP and Inside Out among others,  illustrates how powerful WALL-E‘s storytelling is by running one of the film’s key scenes, where WALL-E and Eve show an enervated humanity how wonderful being alive, actually, truly in-the-moment alive, can be.

It’s a joyous scene in a wonderfully affecting film and this video will make you appreciate it all the more.

(source: io9)


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