Squeeze the cheese and poke the pony: Tonight Show Random Phrase Carols

(image via YouTube (c) The Tonight Show)
(image via YouTube (c) The Tonight Show)


It’s true.

Even those of us among the Christmas junkie tribe – you know who you are and saying “Bah Humbug!” in that desultory fashion won’t disguise the fact for a second -will admit to getting a teensy-weensy itty-bitty little bit tired of singing the same old lyrics to the classic carols year after year after … well, you know.

Knowing this, Jimmy Fallon co-opted a gorgeously red dress-clad Reese Witherspoon to inject some new, delightfully nonsensical life into the songs by substituting the words we know and love with random, fun-filled lyrics that really make no sense at all.

But really does that matter?

Isn’t “Jingle Bells” given a little extra zest with new lyrics “Small old man, small old man, small old man named Tom / Oh what fun it is to sniff a small old man named Tom”?

Or “Deck the Halls” zhoushed up in the fun stakes more than just a little by its new words “Squeeze the cheese and poke the pony, Na na na na na, na na na na / Kiss the mule that’s old and bony, Na na na na na, na na na na”?

And just think of the people you’ll meet out a-carolin’ – does anyone do that anymore? Let’s pretend for the sake of Idealise Christmases Present that they do – when you sing these random, different lyrics and they stop to ask you what the hell you’re singing?

It’s fa la la la festive fun for the whole family.

Now join me in a rousing rendition of “O Come All You Llamas, Covered in dirt and barnacles …”


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