On the 10th day of Christmas … I listened to Idina Menzel’s Holiday Wishes

  There’s no doubting the sheer awe-inspiring talent of the voice of Frozen, Tony Award-winning Broadway veteran Idina Menzel. She has a voice straight from the gods, one that combines fearsome power and delicate beauty, the sort of stage presence money cannot buy, and the kind of vibrant personality that has Continue Reading

On the 9th day of Christmas … I read Everything I Need to Know About Christmas I Learned From a Little Golden Book

  If there is one thing I learnt very early on in life, it’s that Little Golden Books have a lot to teach a person. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance may be, the simple life lessons of these gloriously-drawn, perfectly-worded books provide all the instructions you need to make Continue Reading

On the 8th Day of Christmas … I watched the movie A Merry Friggin’ Christmas

  We love our families. We hate our families. It’s a war of competing, diametrically-opposed emotions for most families each Christmas who, though they long for tree-decorating, eggnog-sipping harmony, usually end up with the festive version of War of the Roses. Perhaps that it is a little extreme, but the Continue Reading

On the 7th day of Christmas … I watched classic Frasier episode “High Holidays”

  Life isn’t easy if you’re Frasier or Niles Crane. Well, it’s not easy in a self-perceived sense anyway. Armed with firm ideas on what constitutes a life well-lived – the right seats at the opera/favourite restaurant/major event where everyone will see you, the best food and wine, an apartment Continue Reading

Who ya gonna call at the North Pole? Final trailer for Doctor Who Christmas special “Last Christmas”

  “C’mon it’s Christmas! At the North Pole! Who ya gonna call?” I am guessing not the Ghostbusters team, despite the insistent bouncy hum off the iconic theme song in my head, but rather one Santa Claus, played with swagger and brio and just the right amount of Santa-ness – Continue Reading