Star Wars: A New Hope ended in just 60 seconds? Totally could’ve happened

(image via YouTube (c) Dorkly)


Don’t get wrong – I love Star Wars: A New Hope (or as it was known when I was kid and saw it in a one-screen cinema in Ballina, NSW, Australia, Star Wars).

I could quite happily watch it again and again and again and have done just that many times over the years.

But this hilarious animated video from Dorkly, which comes complete with some killer lines and one hell of a considerably shortened new ending for the film, makes me wonder if a truncated version of the film might not be just a little fun to watch.

After all, OB-Wan Kenobi really knocks it out of the park. Or the Death Star. Same same.

Pity about the daycare level though …

(source: Laughing Squid)


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