Stupid finds a way: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom gets an Honest Trailer

So many dinosaurs, so little time to make fun of them (image via IMP Awards)


In the interests of full disclosure, and I am nothing less than ridiculously honest for the most part, I actually rather enjoyed Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Yes, it had more plotholes than a semi-trailer carrying an inert T-Rex, and the characters were village idiot level-stupid, and yes narrative was more than little been-there-done-that-didn’t-get-all-the-dinosaurs (what with volcanoes and somesuch that’s fair enough) and … and … and … and yet I actually enjoyed its cheesy blockbuster-iness.

Not sure what means exactly – best we don’t examine that too closely huh? – but safe to say that the talented folks at Screen Junkies who put together the never-less-than-amusing Honest Trailers had a LOT of material to work with.

Is it wise to build a park full of revived extinct creatures on actively volcanic island? NOPE. If you’re a dinosaur is there an outside chance you should have actually seen a dinosaur since they’re, you know, alive again? YUP. And is Jeff Goldblum in the movie that much? HE … IS … NOT.

All that and more gets gloriously parodied in the latest Honest Trailer which I found hugely amusing since it’s about a film I kinda liked.

Yes, I think something may be broken in me …


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