Sweet arachnid music: Lucas the Spider and his one man band

(image via YouTube (c) Joshua Slice)

Lucas the Spider might be little but boy can he create some beautifully-big music.

In this delightfully musical piece from creator Joshua Slice, Lucas uses violin, xylophone, drums and other instruments to create a jauntily-upbeat slice of mellow rockabilly that’s sure to get you up and dancing. (Just watch where you step all right or, you know, you might kill the music.)

It’s proof that anyone of any size can dream big and make their dreams come true, and honestly if anyone deserves that kind of wish fulfillment, it’s dear, sweet, unaffected Lucas who only wants the very best for himself and everyone around him.

In today’s world that kind of selflessly-optimistic message is exactly what everyone needs to hear, especially if it comes with a soundtrack as lovely as this one.

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