The short and the short of it: A Father’s Day proves being undead is no barrier to family togetherness

(image via UK Horror Scene)


If there’s one thing that zombies films, long and short, cinematic and televisual, have in common, it’s that they’re not exactly warm-and-fuzzy family viewing.

Sure some of the people in these shows have some touchingly intimate moments – well until they slip this mortal coil and join the multitudinous ranks of the undead – but the zombies themselves? Not so much.

The short film, A Father’s Day, which has is fair share of gore you should be warned but that makes sense really, turns this idea on its head, giving us a series of really touching, sweetly-evocative moments between an undead dad and his daughter, proof that even family ties and love sweet father & daughter love can transcend the horrific scourge of the zombie apocalypse.

Granted it’s not a Norman Rockwell painting sprung to life but it’s a refreshingly new take on the zombie genre that reaffirms, as if there was any doubt, that love might be every bit as durable as Hallmark and innumerable movies-of-the-week believe it to be (now with added teddy bears and swings and roundabouts).

It’s just not usually as messy and bloody as it is in this instance but lordy if it doesn’t warm the heart in the most unexpected of circumstances.

(source: io9 Gizmodo)


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