Take an animated trip through history – the history of cartoon music

Mighty (image via Pinterest)

The evolution of cartoon music from 1928 to the present day. Many of the cartoons and animes started as comic and mangás. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

Cartoons, like any visual medium, benefit beautifully from well-judged, mood, humour and narrative-inducing music.

One person who appreciates this more than most is pianist Lord Vinheteiro who knows a things or two about the history of music and cartoons and who, notes Laughing Squid, has put together a video in which he performs “a beautiful upright piano composition that [encompasses] iconic cartoon themes from 1928 through to the present day.”

Taking us through tunes from Mickey Mouse (1928) to Tom & Jerry (1940) through to Thundercats (1985) to Spongebob (1996), Lord Vinheteiro not only has a lot of fun but gives us an entertaining history lesson into the bargain.

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