“That’s so gorgant!” Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s first 2015 Golden Globes promo

(image via YouTube (c) NBC/Golden Globes)
(image via YouTube (c) NBC/Golden Globes)


Yes “gorgant” (pron. gorj-ant) is a word!

Especially if the originators of said word, which naturally denotes, class, style and awards show fabulousness are none other than comedy legends, Tina Fey (30 Rock) and Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation), who are back for their third (and sadly, final), no doubt hilarious, stint as hosts of the Golden Globes, which are to their 72nd annual telecast.

By all accounts, well let’s face it their own but hey I’d listen before many people I actually know, they are going to be rocking some pretty seriously cool outfits too including cheese-covered rompers and childrens’ ice skates (Fey) and ER bandage dresses and Ohioan stilts (Poehler).

I can see the Best Dressed Golden Globes Awards lists automatically putting them right at the top now.

But on the off chance they don’t make those lists, and I can’t see that happening EVER, then there’s a good chance there’ll be jokes a-plenty, satire by the smirk-full, some falling (Poehler all but confirms it) and all the good-natured witty insights awards show junkies could ask for.

The Golden Globes is on 11 January on NBC in USA and on 12 January in Australia on Foxtel.



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