Phoebe Buffay: The Mystery Ingredient of Friends (video essay)

We love you Phoebe! (image via Friends Wikia (c) Warner Bros. Television)


Phoebe is the secret mastermind of the group. She uses her insights about the other characters to pull invisible strings. …Phoebe the puppet master can be a bit of a troublemaker …she has a habit of being loose lipped and even straight-up meddling in her friends personal lives. …yet Phoebe’s friends need her straight talking and boldness because she pushes them to confront their true feelings about things. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

I adore Phoebe Buffay!

Sure she was often dismissed as the flaky, ditzy one, the quirkily offbeat character who lived in a world all her own but what that assessment missed is how her straight-talking, her willingness just to say what everyone else is thinking makes such a profound difference to her circle of Friends.

ScreenPrism knows exactly how important she is as a character, christening her as the lynchpin that keeps the gang together and bringing something even more precious out of her group of close knit pals, as Laughing Squid observes:

“Phoebe’s eccentricity is incredibly nuanced and layered with a deep sense of fairness, a strict dogma and an unyielding love for her friends. This combination of traits allows Phoebe to encourage her friends to be true to themselves first.”


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