Cartoon bloopers? Rick and Morty has them and they’re, of course, HILARIOUS

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This (NSFW language) blooper from Adult Swim animates Roiland continuously breaking during Rick’s explanation to his family about how and why he turned himself into a pickle. Every time Roiland gets to the obviously silly, obviously not sincere line about how Rick “understands Morty’s suspicion” because he has “misled him before,” he loses it. (synopsis (c) Nerdist)

One of my fondest memories of my nanna and her sister, my great-aunt Elizabeth, is when we were at Central Station in Sydney (Australia) one day years and year ago and they both started giggling and then laughing uncontrollably about a rather oddly-dressed man a few platforms over.

Before we knew what hit us, the entire family was laughing like loons, caught in a mirth-filled contagion that was pretty hard to contain or stop.

So I can well understand how Justin Roiland, one of the brilliantly-twisted minds behind the cult-hit cartoon Rick and Morty was not able to stop laughing when a key part of dialogue tickled his funny bone again and again and again.

What’s so clever, and an absolute joy as a hardcore fan is that they chose to animate him cracking up, a rarity in cartooning where, for obvious reasons, bloopers are few to non-existent.

As Nerdist notes, this speaks to how much the creators love the characters and the show every bit as much as the fans; this is not work, this is passion commitment to their craft:

“… everything about this scene was just as wonderfully stupid to the people who created it as it was to fans.”


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