The short and the short it: Friendship is forever in Last Shot

(image via YouTube (c) Aemilia Widodo)
(image via YouTube (c) Aemilia Widodo)


You may not think there’d be much of a touching story in the tale of one young budding photographer, her broken and reluctantly-discarded instamatic camera and a whole lot of photos that will never be taken but you’d be wrong.

Aemilia Widodo, a graduate of Ringling College of Art + Design, a leading US animation school, has found a goldmine of a story to tell in Last Shot, one that encapsulates enthusiasm for art, nascent talent, strong bonds of belonging, loss and hope.

All magically and beautifully told in just two minutes.

It’s an impressive narrative achievement, one elevated by gorgeous animation that pays tribute to the Pixar style while still retaining an individual style and feel.

If you want a tribute to the power of second chances, loyalty and love, then watch Last Shot and be moved by a short film that celebrates everything good in life in a highly-engaging, sweetly-enjoyable and meaningful way.


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