The short and the short of it: “B is for Ben” and the problems of leaving an alien planet

(image (c) Rok Andic)

Ben is having problems getting back to his spaceship on a stranded desert planet. He is an astronaut, he has gadgets, what could go wrong? (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

Hands up anyone who wants to be stuck on an arid alien planet?

No one? Thought so. Into that large number, you can add adorably klutzy Ben, an astronaut given vivaciously hilarious but poignant life by Rok Andic, who simply wants to get back into his spaceship and head home where presumably things are a lot greener and more pleasant.

Should be simple, right?

After all, you don’t send someone into space unless they are adept at handling any and every situation? In theory, yes, and Ben is certainly entertainingly inventive, but in this particular situation our intrepid space traveller overlooks one crucial thing and it could just come to bite him.

Oh come on, it totally does but how it all goes down is something you will have to watch this two-minute gem to find out!

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