The short and the short of it: The gorgeous quackery of The Silly Duck Wizard

(mage via Instagram (c) Terry Ibele)

In an adorable stop motion animation by Terry Ibele and voiced by Davey Swatpaz, a round little wizard bemoans the fact that he only knows spells that turn everything around him into ducks. No matter what iteration he uttered, a yellow duckling appeared in its place. After the third spell, the wizard just gave up and called for the ducklings to take a walk with him. (synopsis (c) Laughing Squid)

You know how many of us dream of having our ducks in a row?

We rarely do, of course, since the ducks are usually metaphorical and not at all inclined to line up symmetrically (to borrow a meme I saw on Facebook, we usually end with squirrels at a rave), but also because ducks are very hard to come by.

Unless you are the absolutely adorable wizard in Terry Ibele’s stop-motion short film, The Silly Duck Wizard, who can’t stop turning all kinds of things into the cutest yellow felt ducks you have ever seen.

It is, as the title suggests, all very silly, but it’s also a supremely quirky delight, a soul-comforting, heart-delighting reminder that having a lot of ducks is a wonderful thing, especially if they all stay in a row.

To find out if they do, take the time to watch this beautiful short film which can’t help but make your day all kinds of cute-and-cuddly better.

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