Time for some adventure! Join Doctor Who: The Runaway TARDIS

(image via Nerdist / Quirk Books/Kim Smith)

In this adventure, 9-year-old Lizzie runs away from home (with a bag full of peanut butter sandwiches) after feeling lonely at her new school. She accidentally ends up in the TARDIS and meets The Doctor. Things go awry when Lizzie drops her sandwich into the TARDIS console, causing it to malfunction and take them on a journey through time and space. (synopsis (c) Nerdist)

Scary aliens aside – I’m looking at you Cybermen and Weeping Angels to name just two nightmare inducers! – stepping into the TARDIS with Doctor Who would be the adventure to end all adventures.

The things you’d see! The places you would go!

The joy and excitement would be manifestly greater if you were out and about in the expansive reaches of time and space with the Thirteenth Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker with a gleeful vivacity not seen since David Tennant days) whose manifest enthusiasm for everything (bar evilness) is the perfect tonic to Earthbound ennui.

So you can understand why Lizzie has such a fine time of things when she not only ends up in the TARDIS but thanks to accidental handling of a peanut butter sandwich, ends up on an unpredictable race through the sorts of places early 21st century people never get to see.

The visuals look gleefully colourful, the story looks exciting and just the right of reassuring for the target demographic of six-to-eight-year-olds, and any adults freaked by a very scary 2020!

Which is pretty much all of us, right?

Doctor Who: The Runaway TARDIS is out now from Quirk Books.

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