Weekend Pop Art #4: Zombies are everywhere

The Corpse Wars (image (c) Matt Busch via neatoshop.com)


These days you could be forgiven for thinking that zombies are everywhere.

So prevalent have the post-apocalytic undead become that they are starting to pop up in movies that never featured them in the first place and it’s thanks in part to the imaginative brilliance of one Matt Busch.

A talented artist and illustrator who has contributed art to official Star Wars releases since 1994, and who has worked on movies such as Con-Air, The Matrix, and Lord of the Rings, Matt is held in high regard, Matt has one of those out-of-the-box perspectives that makes him a compelling chronicler of pop culture.


Who Maimed Roger Rabid? (image (c) Matt Busch via neatoshop.com)


And if we needed any more of an indication that his finger is firmly on the pulse of the zeitgeist, he has a released a brilliant series of posters that perfectly merge all sorts of great cinematic masterpieces with our favourite monsters de jour – zombies.

Admire, enjoy and if you want a print of your very own, they’re on sale at Matt’s neatoshop.com store.


The Princess Died (image (c) Matt Busch via neatoshop.com)


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