Whimsically powerful pop: My 5 favourite Eurovision songs of all time

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Like a lot of people I have been watching the Eurovision Song Contest for a great many years.

During that time, I have fallen in love with a great many songs – contrary to what the naysayers and trolls say the contest produces far more catchy songs than it does not; the idea that is second-rate simply isn’t supported by the mostly high calibre of the music – but the following are the ones that have been played again and again, or in the case of the one I have selected from this year’s event, will be played again and again and again.

I honestly can’t tell you why these five songs and not another five, other than they are compelling in every way (musically, lyrically and performance-wise) and they seem like a natural fit for the music I listen to all the time, whereas other Eurovision tracks are left alone in contest-only playlists.

Whatever the reason they are damn good songs, and I tell you why in my original Road to Eurovision reviews which are embedded in each of the titles (bar the 2004 pick which uses someone else’s beautifully written review that mirrors many of my sentiments) …

UKRAINE: “Be My Guest” by Gaitana (2012)

SWEDEN: “Euphoria” by Loreen

FRANCE: “Moustache” by Twin Twin

UKRAINE: “Wild Dances” by Ruslana (2004)

GEORGIA: “Lock Me In” by Circus Mircus (2022)

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