You are your favourite TV shows: Infographic reveals all

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You know all that amazingly revelatory quizzes that pop up on Facebook with the frequency of virulent rashes or Real Housewives  of … spinoffs?

The ones that purport, via the answering of such deeply penetrative questions such as “Do you like grass?” and “If you could be were Neil Patrick Harris, what kind of grass would you like?”, to be able to divine which Sex and the City character you are, or which Doctor Who villain you most resemble (none of them, thank you!).

Well, this brilliantly informative infographic (via by stand-up comedian and web-comic writer Steve Patrick Adams is nothing like any of those pesky quizzes, revealing who you are with scientific precision (sort of) just by looking at the kinds of TV shows you watch.

It’s amazing! It’s inspired! And it’s making me want to rush to my PVR right now and delete all sorts of shows!

Kidding … I am the shows I watch and that’s OK by me.

What does your favourite show say about you?



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