Movie review: Fury

  War is hell. That much we know to be true from firsthand accounts, documentaries, books and a seeming never-ending succession of movies and TV series, and in a sad sign that little has changed, from current nightly news broadcasts, all of which speak of its nightmarish horrors, its soul-destroying inhumanity, its Continue Reading

Movie review: Force Majeure

  The brutal shattering of long held perceptions is at the heart of oft Cannes-feted director Ruben Östlund’s latest provocative work, Force majeure, a film which takes a forensic look at the aftereffects of a runaway avalanche on the hitherto picture perfect marriage of workaholic Tomas (Johannes Bah Kuhnke) and his subconsciously Continue Reading

Who wants to go shopping at Horrorstör? (book trailer)

  Aarrggh! Forget zombies and vampires and werewolves and White House-exploding alien invasions. What is truly scary beyond measure is walking through a brightly-lit, sanitised assemble-it-yourself furniture megastore, with all its shinier-than-shiny, squeaky clean evocations of a The Stepford Wives-like lifestyle … and realising you will have to spend countless Continue Reading