“There’s a lot of stuff happening … and it’s all bad” – Nailed It! Holiday! season 2 trailer goes ho! ho! Oh no!

SNAPSHOTHosted by host Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, Nailed It! Holiday! sees guests judges Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, David Burkta, Bridget Everett, Jason Mantzoukas, and Ron Ben Israel navigate some of the worst baking fails this season while the bakers truly struggle to complete all new challenges inspired by the Continue Reading

Leopard seal vs. penguin: Fast, tension-filled natural battle from BBC’s Seven Worlds, One Planet

Ever heard someone complain that nature is “BORING”? It happens all the time but clearly these people have never watched a single moment from a BBC nature documentary, such as the just started screening David Attenborough-narrated series Seven Worlds, One Planet which documents, among many other wonders of the natural Continue Reading

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Proxima: The sacrifices we make to pursue our dreams

SNAPSHOTProxima sees Eva Green’s character, European Space Agency astronaut Sarah, prepare for a year-long mission aboard the International Space Station across the ESA’s various training facilities (real-life facilities director Alice Winocour was given access to while making the film). While in training, Sarah struggles to balance the rigorous demands her Continue Reading

The short and the the short of it: Islandia’s stunning aerial views of Iceland

SNAPSHOT…you will be transported to a place that easily could be a million years ago. From unbelievable landscapes and vast valleys to painting-like terrain and majestic waterfalls and lakes – this film shows the unparalleled beauty of Iceland and its unearthly glory. (synopsis via Laughing Squid) Iceland is an astonishingly Continue Reading