A recipe for Captain Picard face palm cookies? Get me to a kitchen and … Engage!

(image (c) JustJenn via Cnet)
(image (c) JustJenn via Cnet)


Being the captain of a Starfleet vessel is not an easy task at any time, what with aggressive Klingons or Romulans always on the lookout for a bruising encounter, Q liable to pop at a moment’s notice and inconvenient rips in the space/time continuum to contend with.

It’s even more stressful of course when you’re the captain of the pride of the fleet, the USS Enterprise, and your life consists of settling intractable diplomatic disputes, educating Data on the finer points of humanity (a bundle of contradictions if ever there was one), fending off Deanna Troi’s unstoppable mother, and making first contact with an array of alien races, not all of whom welcome the chance to sit down and break replicated bread over a nice cup of “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”.

So it’s no wonder that Captain Picard often resorts to the Face Palm, a brief face-in-hand respite from the problem before him, and one employed so often and effectively that it has spawned its own Captain Picard Facepalm Meme Generator.

And according to Bonnie Burton writing on CNET, there’s even a single face palm cookie cutter available (from Warpzone Prints), which one particularly creative food blogger JustJenn – she has come up with Princess Leia cupcakes and Guardians of the Galaxy Groot cookies among other things – and has taken things one step further by decorating the cookies with food dyes to give them an authentic Starfleet uniform sheen.

And according to the ever-inventive food blogger, it’s not that hard to do:

“It’s easier than it sounds. Since there are no intricate details on this cookie, just using food gel dye as paint is a quick and easy way to get colorful cookies.”

So if you need me I’ll be in my ready room getting ready to eat Captain Picard … wait that sounds wrong …

(Thanks again to the awesome geek goddess Bonnie Burton for bringing Picard’s more edible side to my attention at CNET.)


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