Anything Can Be a Musical: Stephen Colbert and Rachel Bloom prove it in song

(image via YouTube (c) The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)
(image via YouTube (c) The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)


When I was a kid, I really didn’t get musicals. Not at all.

While they were bright, fun and sing-a-long-ish to a ridiculous degree, full to bursting with love sweet love, prevailing justice and everything working out right – I’m talking the golden age of Hollywood musicals here, not their bleaker modern counterparts – all things I loved and still love in abundance, I always thought it was peculiar that people would just burst into song in the middle of conversation, and that everyone, EVERYONE, whole towns for goodness sake, would know not only the words but the choreography to go with them.

How was that even possible? It baffled me and I thought them silly and unrealistic, and no amount of reassuring from my mother that they were written that way could make me change my mind.

Good to see I’m not alone – granted I am now much more accepting of songs in the middle of conversations and love going to see musicals – with Stephen Colbert quizzing Rachel Bloom, star of one of the brightest, most clever shows on TV, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend where breaking into song mid-scene is gloriously and delightfully par for the course, whether everything can indeed be a musical.

Not surprisingly everything can be a musical and the song-and-dance routine by Bloom and Colbert emphasises that most emphatically.

Trust me you’ll be singing along in no time flat and wondering why everyone else on the train/at home/in the supermarket aren’t singing along with you.

(source: Indie Wire)


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