It’s a Jurassic World … or is it?! A professor weighs on the accuracy of TV and movie dinosaurs

(image courtesy IMP Awards)


Like many other people, I have long held a fascination for dinosaurs of all shapes and stripes.

Doesn’t matter if its Stegosaurus or T-Rex, Velociraptor or a plesiosaur, dinosaurs captured my imagination very early on, and to my very adult joy, haven’t loosened their hold at all in the intervening years.

Having read so widely on them, well as much as a lay person can anyway, I can spot discrepancies between the latest research and what I see on screen in films such as the all-new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

But I’m not an paleontologist, and so it’s fascinating to see an actual professor, a very chilled and none-too-precious one I should add, talk about, in Vulture’s new Expert Witness series, how accurately movies and TV shows have portrayed the now much-loved “terrible lizards”.

Among the revelations big and small, news that T-Rex were none too quick on their feet … bummer for Jurassic Park but great for us, you know, should we ever find ourselves 65 million years in the past …


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