Worlds will collide: Official trailer released for Disney’s American Born Chinese

SNAPSHOT“Worlds will collide.” Jin Wang (Ben Wang), struggling with his school life and home life, meets the new foreign exchange student at his school, leading him to become involved in a battle between Gods of Chinese mythology. American Born Chinese is a series created by Kelvin Yu – a character Continue Reading

Graphic novel review: Fairlady (Volume 1) by Brian Schirmer, Claudia Balboni and Marissa Louise

Postmodern storytelling, that eclectic mixing of genres that characterises so much modern narrative activity, can really pay off in the right dividends. Far from being gimmicky, adroit bringing together of seemingly disparate elements can work spectacularly well as novel Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree made hilariously and affectingly clear Continue Reading

Graphic novel review: The Stuff of Legend: Book 1 – The Dark by Mike Raicht & Brian Smith (illustrations by Charles Paul Wilson III)

We have grown accustomed through Pixar’s Toy Story franchise to the appealing idea that childhood is largely and wondrously trouble-free. That’s not to say that Andy and later Bonnie don’t go through some emotionally troubling experiences; they definitely do and it informs and propels the narratives in all four of Continue Reading

Graphic novel review: Wynd Book Two – The Secret of the Wings by James Tynion IV (writer) and Michael Dialynas (artist)

Fantasies always seem to convey, by some intangible sensibility woven into the word, the idea of limitless, epic adventure where anything can happen, anyone can exist and the world can be anything and everything. They are a feast for the imagination and that’s why they are seductive for so many Continue Reading