Discovering the hilarity of delightful UK sitcom Miranda

This is one very funny sitcom.

Not cutting edge granted but when did all comedy have to be avant garde to be entertaining and wildly funny? And Miranda Hart’s show about a geeky, slightly ungainly ‘big and long’ singleton trying to find love while she navigates relationships with wacky friends and family, and even faces up to the fact that she’s not as young as she used to be, is hilariously laugh-out-loud funny. I don’t laugh out loud at many sitcoms – notable exceptions right now being Community and The Big Bang Theory – but this regularly has me rolling in the aisles with tears streaming down my cheek.

It is not exactly the most sophisticated of set ups, but there is something about Miranda’s lovable goofiness, her funny short pieces to camera, and the almost-Family Guy-esque interludes that punctuate the main story line of each episode (one in particular about a possible suitor her mother was trying to set her up with, who likes squirrels a little too much, was pure comedy silliness) that draw me in, keep me laughing and make me want to tune in the next week. It is one of the very few shows on TV right now that I actually when it’s on TV in it’s appointed time slot (thanks mainly to it being on ABC2 with no annoying ads), which says much about how engaging, funny, and clever it is.


I have found her part way into season 2 so it looks like I’ll be ordering season 1 on DVD or downloading off iTunes to get more of this very funny, slapstick, funny-faced lady.

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