EUREKA! My new favourite quirky comedic drama!

So usually I am an early adopter right? Not in terms of my use of technology, which usually runs along the lines of ‘I am aware of it but will wait for the no-bugs second generation thank you’; but in my eagerness to listen to the latest music, check out the latest movie releases, watch the latest weekly episodes of magic from TV land… and while it’s powered by one part instant gratification, one part insatiable cat-like curiosity, and one part pretty new shiny thing absorption, it has served me well…

Witness tracking down in 2000 what felt like the only copy of Coldplay’s first album in Australia, which led to David Jones (a department store) Miranda, Sydney, and 18 months of me saying how wonderful this band was till everyone else jumped on the bandwagon; or Stargate SG1, which everyone seemed to ignore for a little bit while I watched it and thought ‘this is kind of cool….. so very cutting edge, ahead of the pack, with hopefully no wanky I got there first overtones (OK there may be wisps of that).. and then there’s…


It’s just been cancelled in the USA after five gloriously quirky comedy-overtoned dramatic seasons, and while I have had seasons 1 and 2 in my collection for a couple of years, I just never got around to watching them…. till now when I am hopelessly (well almost) behind the tide of history. So far, I have managed to watch 6 episodes of season 1 and while I am loving it’s offbeat take on the hilarious, and often, drama-laden intersection of technology, small town life, and the friendships & relationships made in that gold fish bowl, and I know there’s 5 whole seasons, plus a wrap up show to finish things off, I can help feeling like I have arrived late at a very cool, very hip party where everyone is putting their jackets, and stumbling out the door, just as I arrive with some fine wines, eagerness to burn, and a plethora of witty, occasionally insightful observations….

So while I may have missed the boat somewhat (yes I have left the party behind thank you; please try to keep up), and have only just hauled myself onto it as it threatens to sink in an iceberg filled sea, at least I managed to find what is really a luxury liner in a vast ocean of very ordinary run-abouts, decaying paddle streamers, and badly neglected fishing trawling trawlers, and I am going to cast a line, and enjoy the catch for at least, oh, 5 seasons of viewing deliciousness.

(Please note that no actual mixed metaphors were harmed in the writing of this blog.)

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