Faux Shows 2: Unreal TV offerings not coming to a platform near you

As you wind down at the end of the day and open a go-to streaming platform, we’re all faced with the difficult task of choosing what we want to watch. Stockbuster previews feature generic genres we’ve all learnt to expect. Stereotypical characters we all love, “originals” and binge-worthy series we’ve spent all weekend watching. All produced with TV-worthy stock footage from Dissolve.
(synopsis via Laughing Squid)

There’s a lot of real TV available to us right now.


You’ve no sooner one bingeably-brilliant show – here’s looking at you GLOW in all your emotionally-resonant glory – when another 40 seem to take its place.

It’s exciting and exhausting all at once, with a ridiculous number of viewing options on the table, something that stock footage company Dissolve decided to hilariously highlight with their parody TV trailer composed entirely of stock imagery.

As clever, self-aware moves go, this is brilliant – it acknowledges how weirdly Stepford Wives-ish stock imagery looks while simultaneously subverting that for what are essentially advertising purposes while also making a cute point about the engulfing tsunami of TV seemingly out to get us all.

Run while you can …

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