Full House o’ zombies: The twee horrors of the Walking Dead sitcom

(image courtesy AMC)

Boy howdy but isn’t the zombie apocalypse a regular hoot-a-freaking-minute?

Actually it’s not, something well evident in The Walking Dead‘s current season, which features yet another battle between relative good and evil, and the just-concluded fifth season of Fear the Walking Dead, but you can’t blame a guy for dreaming of something laughs in-between thrusting sharp, incisive objects through the brains of a seemingly neverending stream of the undead, can you?

Skybound have clearly wished for a few chuckles and guffaws in-between Darwinian-level skirmishes between the living and the dead, and the living and the living and … well, everyone and have created a delightfully loopy mash-up between The Walking Dead and Full House.

It makes the apocalypse seem gosh darn adorable and while it’s unlikely to get the zombies laughing along anytime soon, it’s a nice diversion from the grim surrounds of a fallen world where being deadly serious seems to be a matter of survival.

(source: Bleeding Cool)

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