He’s like the rest of us really – Doctor Who is having a Bad Day (animation)

(image (c) Cinefix)
(image (c) Cinefix)


It’s reassuring to know that even the great Time Lord himself, Doctor Who has the kinds of bad days that make you want to go home to Gallifrey, go to bed and pull the doona up and pretend the world is warm and wonderful place.

Yes much as we like to think of the Doctor as an all-knowing, all-capable and all-conquering hero, and granted he often is – although in recent seasons of the modern iteration of the great BBC stalwart, we have seen an altogether more fragile, more conflicted and less certain Doctor – but even the most accomplished among us have days where they wonder where the hell it all went wrong.

In this case, the Doctor, in a 2014 instalment of Cinefix‘s Bad Days series, finds to his dismay that a simple trip to catch up with a companion in the UK – no surprise that he ends up in London once again – goes horribly awry with the Daleks, the Cylons, the Zygons and the Weeping Angels – wanna get away from them easily? Hey they’re made of stone; smash ’em and begone! – all making an appearance.

Oddly enough it’s not the Doctor’s trenchant enemies that dial down the day’s success but a stranger – the Doctor once again lands in completely the wrong place – who doesn’t take kindly to ending up in the TARDIS, in space and being chased by the stuff of nightmares.

All of which leads to … well you can see for yourself why the Doctor, who’s had centuries to finetune the course of his days, ends up ruing his decision to go on another adventure.



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