“I always knew I would die in an elevator!” Christmas Eve spent in very tight spaces (poster + trailer)

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When a power outage traps six different groups of New Yorkers inside elevators on Christmas Eve, they find that laughter, romance, and a little holiday magic will get them through—and change their lives in unexpected ways. Starring Patrick Stewart, Jon Heder, James Roday, Cheryl Hines, Max Casella, Julianna Guill, Shawn King, Gary Cole Christmas Eve is directed by filmmaker Mitch Davis (of The Other Side of Heaven, A House Divided previously), from a screenplay by Mitch Davis and Tyler McKellar. (official synopsis via First Showing)

Christmas movie generally falls into two quite distinct camps.

There are the schmaltzy, warm-and-fuzzy ones that bring disparate, often warring groups together who through the course of the film learn some valuable, heartfelt life lessons and become Better People, usually sing carols in perfect harmony.

Then there are the slightly-satirical, a little-disillusioned ones that try to be edgy, try to upset the eggnog-and-home-and-hearth vibe only to return to in some form after some toying with the genres.

Both have their place, and as a Christmas-aholic of long standing, usually find their way onto my viewing schedule.

Christmas Eve, starring Patrick Stewart among many others in an ensemble cast that spends the movies caught in 6 separate elevators stuck between floors, looks to be a pleasing mix of the two, which is a nice addition to the upcoming roster of festive flicks.

Of course, we all know, and the trailer all but admits it, wearing its heart very firmly on sleeve, that things will end up all lovely and warm and sweet and inspiring.

But is that such a bad thing? Given how much cynicism and “Bah humbug!” we have to deal with throughout the rest of the year, throwing ourselves headlong into some over the top cheesy Christmas cheer can’t be a bad thing.

Christmas Eve opens 4 December 2015 in USA.


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