Fascinating fan theories: How The Walking Dead may end

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All good things must come to an end. Even the undead shambling across the decaying remains of civilisation items.

But while Robert Kirkman says he knows (of course) how the comic strip/TV series will come to an end, and there is high likelihood they will end in different ways, he isn’t telling anyone right now what those endings will be (which makes perfect sense; blabbing that would be the ultimate, unwelcome spoiler).

In such an understandable void, it stands to reason that fans, never backward about speculating what lies ahead on the narrative road, might come with their own ideas about how the story or Rick, Carol, Michonne et al might end. Will humanity recover? Will they stop that whole Lord of the Flies thing they have going on? Will someone bring back Indian restaurants on every corner and Netlfix on every TV?

Who knows, but one YouTube user MovieIdol has put forward some pretty intriguing ideas, all couched, notes, We Got This Covered, on very cool premise:

“… [the] video which attempts to predict how The Walking Dead will end, presenting the theory that the story isn’t actually taking place in the present day, but is instead being told at some point in the future by a much older Carl Grimes. Think about that for a second.”

While the idea does have some holes, as the article notes, it actually holds up pretty well for the most part, and while there’s no guarantee either the comic book or TV series will end this way, the idea of retrospective narrative sounds enormously cool, especially if it grants us insight into where everything might end up, which is the holy grail for any fan of apocalyptic storytelling


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