Looking right down the barrel: Colony S3 trailer previews toughest season yet

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The new season begins six months after the Bowmans’ escape from the Los Angeles bloc as Will (Holloway) and Katie (Callies) struggle to rebuild their family in the world beyond the walls. When their peaceful existence is shattered, they are sent on an odyssey that will finally reveal the horrifying truth behind Earth’s mysterious occupiers and once again force our heroes to choose sides. (synopsis (c) IGN)

The battle is not over yet.

That was apparent at the end of season 2 of Colony when our involuntary alien overlords – to be fair, the collaborators among humanity have gone along quite merrily, and voluntarily, with the new largely-hidden regime in town – were still very much in control, the clock was counting down ominously to humanity’s extinction (with most people blissfully unaware) and the Bowmans?

Well, the Bowmans had left the LA Bloc, and as this season 3 featurette makes clear, have settled into as close a bucolic life as you can manage in the midst of a genocidal alien apocalypse.

But good things cannot last when humanity’s neck is on the chopping block nor can the Bowmans, well some of them at least, quell their inner resistors (and thank god for that) and simply lie low while the world comes to even more of an end than it has already.

So it looks very much the battle will be rejoined, and once again, this superbly well-executed show will do a brilliant job of showing just what it takes, and what it costs, to stand up to the horrifically dead hand of dictatorship.

Colony season 3 premieres on USA Network on 2 May.


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