She wants to talk to you: The quirky wit of Mrs. Davis is coming your way!

(courtesy IMP Awards)

Mrs. Davis is the world’s most powerful Artificial Intelligence. Simone (Betty Gilpin) is the nun devoted to destroying Her. Who ya got? Faith and technology are at odds as a nun confronts a power of artificial intelligence. Mrs. Davis is a streaming series created by writers Tara Hernandez (The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon) & Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers, Watchmen, Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z). With writing by Alberto Roldán, Jonny Sun, Noelle Vinas, Chikira Bennett, Jason Lew, and Nadra Widatalla. Featuring episodes directed by Owen Harris, Alethea Jones, and Frederick E.O. Toye. It’s executive produced by Tara Hernandez, Damon Lindelof, Eugene Kelly, Owen Harris, and Alethea Jones. (courtesy First Showing)

Malevolent AI vs a reluctantly renegade nun?

Yes please and thank you!

It’s a bonkers premise but that is where many of the great sci-fi stories find their genesis and enduring storytelling sweet spot and Mrs. Davis honestly looks it’s off the rails so much that it’s going to be an absolute hoot to watch!

But why is a nun the one ordained to save us from a domestic-sounding Terminator?

Well, at one point Simone the nun, played by Betty Gilpin (GLOW) is told “You are the only person on the planet who can fulfill this quest!” and while Simone doesn’t accept this destiny without extreme reservation, the trailer would seem to indicate that she may well the one person on planet earth crazy enough to take on the task!

If nothing else, it will make for a brilliantly off-the-wall watch.

Quite how off-the-wall it will be will be obvious when Mrs. Davis premieres on Peacock on 20 April.

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