Sesame Street: How They Became Bert & Ernie (Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody)

(image via YouTube (c) Sesame Workshop)


There are many reasons to go to Sesame Street – there are 26 very good reasons I can think of straight off the bat – but one of the main ones, apart from watching my favourite monster Grover do this thing (super and otherwise), is to watch the latest shenanigans from Bert and Ernie.

Friends from pretty much the start of the show – they were the only Muppets in the July 1969 pilot and it was because they tested so well with audiences, that Sesame Street ended up with Muppets as the stars of the show – mischievous fun-loving Ernie (originally performed by the late, great Jim Henson; currently Peter Linz) and anal-retentive, well-meaning, passionate Bert (originally performed by Frank Oz; now Eric Jacobson) have been one of the highlights of a program full-to-bursting with adorable, well-wrought characters.

Now thanks to the latest parody from Sesame Street, we get to see, in a parody of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air opening titles, how the two came to be such fast friends, depending being wholly-different personalities and it is every bit as illuminating and fun as you might imagine it to be (Rubber Duckie, paper clips and all).


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