The art of being a Muppet: the creative re-imagining of Jim Henson’s beloved creations

The Muppets in … “Lord of the Rings” (c) Kevin Durkin (image via


It’s an exciting time to be around if you’re a Muppets fan!

They have shot back into the zeitgeist with a song and dance and a whimsical trade in knowing cuteness – adorable they may be but worldly-wise and pop culture savvy are they – thanks to the recent success of The Muppet Movie, and the resulting discovery of their treasure trove of old shows such as The Muppet Show and The Fraggles on DVD.

Of course, in a sense they never really went away since they are also the heart and soul of Sesame Street which has been going strong for over 43 years but they have certainly found a whole lot more lovin’ from a new legion of fans in recent days.


The Muppets in … “The Big Lebowski” (c) Kevin Durkin (image via


So it’s entirely appropriate that the immensely talented Kevin Durkin – you can also buy his prints here and really you should; and no, I am not being paid to say that … I just love his work – has created a gorgeous series of artworks showing The Muppets in all sorts of more grownup movies such as The Big Lebowski, The Lord of the Rings (my favourite) and Jaws.

With these kinds of brilliantly-clever artistic homages, it’s highly unlikely that Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang will be disappearing off the pop culture radar anytime soon.

Which makes this long time fan a very happy boy indeed.


The Muppets in … Ghostbusters (c) Kevin Durkin (image via


The Muppets in … “Monsters Inc. (c) Kevin Durkin (image via


The Muppets in … “Jaws” (c) Kevin Durkin (image via


The Muppets in … “The Nightmare Before Christmas (c) Kevin Durkin (image via


* I first discovered these fabulous pieces of artwork via, another awesome website more than worth your time.


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