The short and the short of it: Love finds new life after death in John Harden’s New

The future is shiny bright and ripe with unexpected possibility in NEW (image via Vimeo (c) John Harden)
The future is shiny bright and ripe with unexpected possibility in NEW (image via Vimeo (c) John Harden)


NEW is a 16-minute drama about an elderly couple who, after dying in the 21st century, are cryonically preserved. Many decades later they are revived, awakening to find their health and youth totally restored. Together they face the joys and challenges of a second life in the distant future. (John Harden – interview with Screen Relish)

What would you think if you awoke, decades after dying, to find yourself young and vital and with a whole new chance at life lying out before you?

And what if the new world you were re-born into was shiny, pretty and everything that the future idealists imagine would be our technological birthright?

There’s no way you couldn’t be anything but thrilled, overwhelmed, excited, overawed and disoriented all at once right?

In John Harden‘s beautifully-realised sci-fi short NEW – the capitalisation is a masterstroke; this is hardly a lower case experience after all – which he was interviewed for by Screen Relish, he talks about this amazing film, which explores one of the great quests of humanity down through the ages – what if you could get another crack at life?

Central characters Hugh and Candace find themselves learning how to live life all over again and becoming curiosities in a utopian society where there’s not much left to worry about or need.

It’s a clever, touching and fantastically well-realised exploration of one of the great “what-ifs”and well worth your time to watch online and then order a copy from this impressively promising filmmaker as Screen Relish justifiably encourages you to do:

“Why not purchase a copy of NEW for yourself once you’ve finished watching the finished short, and help support the thriving indie sci-fi scene!”

The purchase may not take you TO the future but it will mean that John Harden can give you more chances to see what it could be like, dystopian alarmists be damned thank you very much.


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