The short and the short of it: The escapist joy of Pups ‘n’ Planes

(image via Vimeo (c) Wonderlust)

A boy with muscular dystrophy and his dog go on an adventure of discovery in an old spitfire plane. (synopsis via Vimeo (c) Wonderlust)

Imagination is a powerful thing.

It lifts us well and truly out of the banal and the everyday, the hopeless and the can’t-be-done to a place where all our great dreams take flight and pretty much anything is possible.

If that all sounds a little too flowery, then apologies but that is exactly how it feels for me as a writer who spends his life deep-diving into the endless possibilities of imagined worlds, both self-created and otherwise, and I suspect how it feels for this young boy who, with the help of his faithful canine companion, takes to the skies with a freedom his earthbound phsyical condition doesn’t quite allow him.

Created by a Canadian media studio, Wonderlust, who are based on Halifax, Nova Scotia, Pups ‘n Planes is a glorious ode to childhood, to empowering freedom and to the ability of imagination to help us shake the earthbound constraints that too often limit our experience of the world around us.

It’s short but whimsically playful and immensely moving, testament to the transformative power of our minds to change the world around for the better.

Prepare to take flight …

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