The short and the short of it: The slapstick hilarity of Voltige

(image via YouTube (c)
(image via YouTube (c)


I have always loved and adored slapstick.

Done well, and with a suitable every-gathering momentum in place,it can be a real joy to watch; not to mention a laughfest par excellence that builds in intensity to the point where your sides ache, bits of food go flying out of your mouth – FYI don’t watch this gem while eating OK? – and you feel like a million endorphin-laced bucks by the end.

What is so delightful about Voltige, by third year Motion Picture in Arles (France) student Léo Brunel, is that it accomplished a huge amount of funny in a very compact period of time.

And it doesn’t peak once in its gleefully short running time.

This is a perfectly-written, adroitly-judged, short film that doesn’t use dialogue or music but is a blissfully hilarious sliver of cinema that uses this year’s theme of “garage” to brilliant effect.

(source: io9/Gizmodo)


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