Time for some Trustfall – P!NK previews new album with Kelly Clarkson

(courtesy JB Hi-Fi (c) RCA Records)

Trustfall is the upcoming ninth studio album by American singer Pink. The album is scheduled to be released on February 17, 2023, through RCA Records. The album features guest appearances from The Lumineers, Chris Stapleton and First Aid Kit. (courtesy Wikipedia)

A new album from one of your favourite music artists is always a thing of joy.

Here’s your chance to listen to new songs and to connect with where the artist is at that point, something true of just about another album released by people who don’t just record fresh music but who pour their hearts and souls into their work.

If there’s any artist who works like this, it’s P!NK aka Alecia Beth Moore Hart, whose albums have always felt like confessionals, something that seems to be true of new album Trustfall, due for release on 17 February, which P!NK has described as “very honest”.

Borne out of the COVID-pandemic era, Trustfall seems to be an emotionally raw album in many respects, reflecting someone who has lost a father and seen her children terribly sick, both significant life events that can’t help but leave a huge emotional impact on you.

Two singles have been released so far – the upbeat dancey roller-skating joy that is “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” (4 November 2022) and the intensely emotionally evocative and communal “Trustfall” (27 January 2023) – which suggest an album raw with the kind of confessional humanity that has made P!NK such a popular and much-loved rock artist.

In this appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on 6 February, P!NK talks about the album, has some fun with a host who knows a thing a thing or two about releasing her own highly-successful music, and looks ahead to an album that’s sure to be on high rotation when it releases at the end of next week.

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