Where are you my true love? Match Not Found dares to (hilariously) ask the question

(image via @matchnotfound Twitter)
(image via @matchnotfound Twitter)


Those wise pop cultures sages ABBA observed very early on in their career that “Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)”, a sentiment as true now as it was in 1973.

And while Match Not Found, a web series by playwright Alex Oates and actress Katie Sheridan (who stars as main protagonist Kat) that features a group of close twenty-something talking via Skype about the difficulties of love and life may be set almost half a century later, the sentiment remains as true as ever.

Love isn’t easy.

We’d all like it to be. Pop culture tells us it should be, all sparkling glances across a crowded room and meet-cutes without number, and our hearts, hoping springing eternal, are convinced that its discovery must be just around the proverbial corner.

And yet it often eludes us, giving Match Not Found, which has deservedly  won plenty of Indie Series Network web series of the week awards, plenty of ground to hilariously and insightfully explore “what it is to be single in your twenties in a world moving increasingly on to the internet.”



Launching in October 2015, the series has just launched its 23rd episode, with quite a few accompanying episodes circling around the main bunch of entertaining storylines.

And honestly you don’t have to be twenty-something to get something out of this amusing series which wears its frustrated heart very much on its digital sleeve.

Young or old, tech savvy or not, the themes of Match Not Found are universal and timeless and frequently very, very funny.

So you may not find love – at least you’ve found Match Not Found and that’ll more than do for now.

And perhaps even when you find the real thing.

* To catch the entire series, head to Match Not Found on YouTube.


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