Whether you’re Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper, you know it’s All About That Base (Star Wars parody)

(image via YouTube (c) Nerdist)
(image via YouTube (c) Nerdist)


Regardless of whether you’re a music obsessive like I am, or a casual radio listener or streamer who has music playing in the background, there’s a way better than average chance that you’ve heard Meghan Trainor’s catchiest-as-all-hell breakout hit “All About That Bass”.

The debut single by the Massachusetts-raised singer who has been composing songs since she was 11, it’s a stirring ode to female empowerment, a call to value your body regardless of how closely it matches society’s impossibly-perfect Barbie-like notions of beauty, which has struck a chord with listeners across the world who have sent it to the top of the charts in countries as diverse as Australia, Poland and Mexico, along with many others.

And now as proof that it has made a very big splash in the zeitgeist pool, comes this clever parody of the song by Nerdist starring Team Unicorn, which hilariously and brilliantly pays homage to the understandable obsession with just about everyone in the Star Wars universe with “that base”.

There are even dancing stormtroopers, multiple Sith references and some rather fateful admissions:

“Yeah, the emperor told me don’t worry about the size. He says it’s not like it’d be blown up twice by the same Jedi.”

Alas no Yoda but given it’s only one video, the team behind it didn’t an impressive cramming as many Star Wars references as they did into its brief running time.

The best part is if you play it often enough, you won’t notice the incredibly long waiting time till the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, which it was just announced would be called Star Wars: The Force Awakens – if this underwhelms you as much as it has most fans, check out these very funny alternate titleswhich opens on December 18, 2015.


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