Santa Claus in Ethiopia: The fantastically quirky apocalyptic world of Crumbs (trailer)

  Much like the apocalyptic world in which its off-kilter quirky story takes place, Crumbs by director Miguel Llanso, a Spain/Ethiopian/Finland co-production that premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam this year, appears to have been blasted so far out of “the box” that it occupies a realm few other sci-fi Continue Reading

Weekend pop art: The beauty of the crystallised cast of The Walking Dead

  Life isn’t easy in an apocalyptic environment. What with megalomaniacal, sociopathic Governors, endless herds of walkers, cannibals, deceitful fake scientists and the constant threat of starvation/injury/rabid squirrels (there is such a thing and yes you should be concerned, thank you), it doesn’t take much, as we’ve seen often among Continue Reading

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