Beware the terror of … the vacuum cleaner! Well if you’re Simon’s Cat anyway

(image via YouTube (c) Simon Tofield)
(image via YouTube (c) Simon Tofield)


Watch Simon’s Cat face his greatest nemesis, the scary vacuum cleaner in this hilarious animated cat video. ‘The Monster’ is our 2016 Halloween film and features a number of cat fails, an ‘evil’ vacuum cleaner and of course lots of silly, cute and funny antics. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

If you’re a cat, and if you’re reading this post then it’s highly likely you are not, you will know that many threatening things lurk deep within the shadow’s of the person-who-feeds-you’s house.

Chief among them is the vacuum cleaner, that noisy, smelly, dusty contraception that can leap to nerve-shattering life with little to no warning, aggressively zipping across the carpet and making life hell for a kitteh in search of a quiet, nap-filled life.

Is it possible, particularly at a monster-filled, nightmare-rich time of the year like Halloween to actually quell the savage mechanical beast or perhaps, you know, vanquish it completely with a judicious swing or five of a baseball bat?

Hard to say but Simon’s Cat, who amusingly moves from terror to curious relief to terror throughout this hilarious animated short titled The Monster is going to give it his best effort.

If only to keep his tail from the vacuum cleaner’s unceasingly ravenous maw.



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