Could In the Flesh rise again? The series creator says possibly

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As zombies series, the BBC’s In the Flesh was a cut above the usual stalk-em-and-terrify-em run of the mill.

Thoughtfully examining what might happen if a cure could be found for the zombie virus reverting any affected people back to normal and able, in theory at least, back into society, the series was a rich, insightful and quietly-dramatic examination of the fissures and undercurrents of modern society.

Unfortunately, after two utterly-engrossing series, which ended on a nail-biting cliffhanger, the series was cancelled leaving us wondering what was going to happen to Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry) and the people of his fractured town.

Well, potentially, wonder no more.

In a tweet on 20 September, reported on Digital Spy, series creator Dominic Mitchell, indicated he hasn’t given up on a wrap-up special and may turn to crowdfunding to foot the £3 million bill:

“‘Considering crowd funding for a #InTheFlesh 90min special. I know I said that was off the table, but something has to happen. Don’t give any money to unofficial sites. Will keep you all posted.”

So far from a done deal but a promising development, a reprieve from televisual death that few TV series manage, especially those devoted to stories of the undead, newly-undead and the fractiously-alive.



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