Doctor Who 12 season trailer makes it clear there is “SPACE. FOR ALL.”

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And what a trailer it is! In adventures that seem to be mostly centered on Earth itself, something is coming for the Doctor and things seem awfully dangerous. We’ve got Stephen Fry asking the Doctor if she can be trusted, we’ve got her companions insisting that they’re family, and we’ve got one very snazzy tuxedo. Like, wow, Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor can pull off a tuxedo. (synopsis (c) io9 Gizmodo)

Two emerged quite clearly from Doctor Who season 11.

First, Jodie Whittaker is a brilliantly exuberant, quip-filled, witty and eminently capable guardian of the Earth and the galaxy at large; watching her in action recalls, and often surpasses, the glory days of David Tennant who was also a most excellent Doctor.

Second, the team that the new Doctor assembled around her – Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh), Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole) and Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill) – are just the right mix of awestruck, loyal and brilliantly able, meaning that this grouping really does feel like a family, the first such vibe I’ve had for Doctor Who and her companions in quite a few series.

Those two elements are on garrulously brash and epic display in the new trailer for season 12 which promises huge, new exciting adventures under showrunner Chris Chibnall who is already at work on season 13.

Exciting alien times!

Doctor Who season 12 premieres on 1 January 2020 with the second episode following on 4 January (and every Saturday thereafter.

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    1. Gotta say that Jodie Whittaker is knocking it out of the galactic park as Doctor Who! Exciting to see where this all goes 🙂

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