Horse Museum – There’s a new Dr Seuss on the loose!

(cover image courtesy Random House)

The story follows a horse as it guides a group through a museum looking at the real-life examples of how artists have imagined the humble horse.

It includes reproductions of more than 30 artworks about horses, from artists like Pablo Picasso to Susan Rothenberg and Jackson Pollock.

And there are cameo appearances from beloved Dr. Seuss characters, such as the Cat in the Hat and the Grinch.
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(cover image courtesy Random House)

You know what’s tempting? What’s REALLY tempting?

Wanting to write the copy for a post about a Dr Seuss book in his trademark, playfully imaginative style; of course, that isn’t possible since Theodor Seuss Geisel, as he was known to friends, family and the government, has a delightfully unique style that simply can’t be replicated (well, at least, without the kind of talent that yours truly simply does not possess, peotically speaking at least).

You could argue the same goes for his gorgeously quicky artwork but what if his widow Audrey found the outline and some preliminary drawings for a hithero unrealised books in the dense foliage of papers he left behind, and they approached you to have a go at bringing the book colourfully and quirkily to life?

That is the great dilemma that faced Australian artist Andrew Joyner who was tapped, after a worldwide search, to make the missing The Horse Museum, come alive for an eager audience of Seuss-ain faithful.

“I couldn’t have imagined that this type of job would come to me,” Joyner told the ABC.

“I loved Dr. Seuss when I was a kid growing up in the ’70s — it still seems slightly surreal that I got the opportunity.”

(cover image courtesy Random House)

Working in absolute secrecy, which Joyner admits he found liberating, the artist took the sketches for The Horse Museum, which date, experts believe from the 1950s, and gave them a distinctly Seuss-ain flair, an achievement aided by the fact that he grew up devouring Dr Seuss books, an influence that found expression in his books like The Pink Hat.

The result, from the artwork that’s been released courtesy of published Random House, is a true delight, proof that while there will never be another Dr Seuss there exist those, like the consummately-talented Joyner, who can do true justice to the great man’s legacy and ensure that his wonderful work continues to live and grown even 28 years after his death.

The Horse Museum is available now from Random House.

For the full story, go to ABC News.

(cover image courtesy Random House)
(cover image courtesy Random House)

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