The short and the short of it: Existential lessons from The Talking Tree

(image via Vimeo (c) Stefan Hunt and Matthew Webb)

The Talking Tree is an off-beat short comedy film written and directed by Stefan Hunt and produced by Matt Webb. It stars Eka Darville (Jessica Jones, Empire) who plays a man searching for purpose alongside John Ventimiglia (Blue Bloods, The Sopranos) an endearing claymation-faced tree who appears to have all the answers. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

SOOOOO … if you were walking through the park one day and heard a tree talking to you, your first thought would surely be that this is a mystical, magical moment from which something momentous is going to spring.

It’s a fair enough assumption since talking trees aren’t exactly on every street corner, and coming across one would have to be a fairly rare, amazing event.

But as this delightful short film makes clear, you may be in for a little disappointment since the tree may be a little nonplussed when it comes to the big ticket questions such as why we’re all here.

He does know, however, that he has a catch up with Peter the squirrel coming up which is, well, not really germane to anything but pretty cute and adorable.

As are the credits that start rolling right in the middle of the film, further confusing our once-excited enquirer …

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