Call me! A whole lot of movie phone calls in one glorious mash-up

Call me Amelie! (image via YouTube)
Call me Amelie! (image via YouTube)


Phone calls – we either love ’em or hate ’em.

Waiting for a good friend to confirm the details of your all expenses paid, big birthday dinner at the best restaurant in town? LOVE ‘EM.

Boss calling at 11.24pm to check why you use a comma instead of a dash in that crucially-important report they should’ve looked at 3 days ago? HATE ‘EM.

And as for calls from telemarketers? LOVE ‘EM of course. Haha … NO.

But if you’re a character in a movie, then phone calls are often a matter of life-and-death, of life-changing destiny, of kismet, fate and a thousand other trajectory altering moments crackling at the end of the line.

And you just HAVE to answer – how can you not?

Is that cinematic success or failure calling? Better answer the call!

You never know who might be calling … or WHY (*cue portentous soundtrack and zoom in now please Mr. DeMille*)

(source: Zap2it)


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