Dr Who season 7 trailer bows

doctor who series 7

Season 7 is nigh.

We know this because a glitzy, gee-whiz trailer has landed in cyberspace and it is enormously impressive and promises some great stories. If the writers can live up to the promise of this fast-moving trailer studded with shots of cyborgs in the Wild West, Nefertiti on the run, and a Dalek’s eye stalk popping up through the snow accompanied by the Doctor quipping “Give me a Dalek any day” (he gets his wish it seems!), then it should be an absolute cracker of a season.

Of course I thought that about season 6, which while visually arresting, lacked a certain narrative cohesion. In other words, dazzling though it was, a lot of the time it didn’t make any sense at all. Now, science fiction series by design are fantastical creations and don’t have to adhere to the same  rules as more reality-bound shows. But even so, they should still possess a certain internal logic and consistency and unfortunately season 6 left you scratching your head more than once, unsure exactly what just happened.


It was bright. It was epic. Frequently manic. But did it make sense? I am not entirely sure. I think the writers often hoped that we’d be so entranced by the onrushing, big budget action that we wouldn’t notice the holes big enough for a Dalek army to pass through. But we didn’t, and it detracted from a season that, at it’s best, was as imaginative as anything at the movies.

Lead writer and executive producer, Steve Moffat, is promising even bigger and better for this season, and with a new companion coming on board mid way through the series – Jenna-Louise Coleman – and the departure of Rory and Amy at episode 5, it could well be as big and amazing as hyped.

I am an optimist at heart so I choose to believe that this season will be every bit as awe-inspiring as the trailer indicates. After all, if you can’t believe in the Doctor to deliver, then who can you believe in?

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